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    True Citrus (Grand Brands Inc)

  • $11.19

  • Description

    True Lemon, Lime, Orange & Grapefruit start in the grove with fresh lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits selected for their superior flavor. Cold pressing and crystallizing the lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits locks in their flavor at the peak of freshness so True Lemon tastes better than any lemon, lime , orange or grapefruit you can find in the store: fresh frozen or juice. In fact, in taste tests, True Lemon was preferred over fresh lemons 7 out of 10 times!
    Because of its fresh taste and convenience (no more shriveled up lemons in your produce drawer and have you ever tried to put a fresh lemon in your purse?) True Lemon lets you use lemon in so many ways!

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