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    Genius Hockey Puck is a fascinating rotating style puzzle.    Out of the box one side shows the number from 1 to 12, each number on its own colored segment.   The opposite side of the segments have NO numbers (they are blank).   By twisting the left and right side of the puck one can move numbers from front to rear side.

    There are twelve different objectives. They involve arranging the numbers in a specific pattern on one side of the puzzle. Objective one is to show only numbers 12 & 1 on the reverse side; objective number two is to show only numbers 12 & 2; objective number three is to show only numbers 12 & 3; etc up through showing (only) numbers 12 & 11

    This engaging puzzle is sure to perplex at first and then satisfy once you understand how to move around the numbers from front to rear side. Puzzle Measures approximately 3 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick. The outside (rainbow ring) has 12 segments. The inside black center has 2 segments. The rainbow ring when aligned will rotate around the black center.

    Like all good Rubik's-style puzzle never force puzzle. Position properly before turning. Avoid allowing younger children (or anyone who may use force to solve) to use your puzzle.

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