• 1.9 oz Mini Soap Square, Peppermint Frost

    Greenwich Bay Trading Co.

  • $25.00

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  • Description

    BLACK CURRANT & OLIVE BUTTER shea butter, black currant butter & olive butter JUICY PEACH SHEA BUTTER shea butter & cocoa butter OCEAN PÜR shea butter, cocoa butter & natural sea kelp PASSION FLOWER AND OLIVE OIL shea butter, cocoa butter & virgin olive oil SEAFRESH MINERAL shea butter, cocoa butter & ocean minerals AFRICAN VIOLET & COCOA BUTTER shea butter & cocoa butter FRESH MILK SHEA BUTTER creamy buttermilk & shea butter LAVENDER CHAMOMILE shea butter, cocoa butter and essential oils of lavender & chamomile ORCHID JOJOBA shea butter, cocoa butter & jojoba oil PINEAPPLE COCOA BUTTER shea butter & cocoa butter ALMOND COCOA BUTTER with shea butter, cocoa butter & almond oil blended with exfoliating cocoa bean shell ISLAND GINGER MANGO BUTTER shea butter & mango butter blended with exfoliating wheat bran & cocoa bean shell LEMON VERBENA shea butter, cocoa butter & lemon extracts ORGANIC OATMEAL shea butter & cocoa butter blended with exfoliating organic oatmeal ROSEWATER JASMINE shea butter, cocoa butter & jasmine oil. APPLE CIDER SHEA BUTTER shea butter & apple blossom oil. AUTUMN GARDEN shea butter & cocoa butter. AUTUMN HARVEST shea butter & cocoa butter with exfoliating organic oatmeal & wheat bran. HARVEST APPLE shea butter, apple blossom oil. SPICED PUMPKIN shea butter, pumpkin seed & clove oil. CRANBERRY CHESTNUT shea butter, cranberry oil, chestnut oil. FRESH HOLLY shea butter & eucalyptus oil. FROSTED SUGAR PLUM shea butter, plum butter & pure cane sugar. GINGERBREAD shea butter, ginger, nutmeg & honey. MISTLETOE shea butter & cocoa butter. PEPPERMINT FROST shea butter & peppermint oil. SNOW LILY Soap with shea butter & cocoa butter. SUGAR PEAR and WINTERBERRY virgin olive oil, shea butter & pure cane sugar. WINTERFIELD shea butter & cocoa butter. WINTER GARDEN shea butter, nectarine oil blended with exfoliating wheat bran.

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