• Without Frontiers - Hardcover

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    Peter Brian Gabriel may have started out as a high profile rock performer with a penchant for theatrical costumes, but he was never going to age in the traditional rock manner.

    Neither becoming a parody of his past self nor endlessly seeking self-consciously new images, instead he took his creativeness and perfectionism into fresh fields.   

    Throughout his career, Gabriel has been a pioneer in the music industry, pushing pop music to new heights while having the foresight to support emerging genres and technologies. From his work as a member of Genesis, to his hugely successful solo career (including the groundbreaking music video for Sledgehammer), to his ambitious collaboration with international musicians and artists, Peter Gabriel has been one of the most innovative and versatile artists of the past thirty years.   

    Writing a biography of this extraordinary musician was no easy task, but Without Frontiers proves that Daryl Easlea is more than up to the job. In the end, a portrait emerges of a man who parlayed his first successful career into a dozen more and who, despite his high profile, has somehow managed to live an enviably normal life through it all.

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