• 1.5 lb. Elgin Cuff Weight

    Elgin Division

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    The Cuff Weight manufactured by Elgin is the time-tested standard ankle and wrist weight in the industry. It is common to see 20 year old Elgin cuff weights in physical therapy & rehab facilities, hospitals & sports clubs! No sagging at the grommets or leaking! That's why Tartan Group and other top dealers continue to represent the Elgin Cuff Weight and sell more cuff weights every year. Consistent quality is assured because Elgin the Elgin cuff weight is manufactured in the U.S. - made right in Sandwich, Illinois. Our authentic Original Elgin Long Strap wrist and ankle weights are designed for physical therapy, rehab & therapeutic exercise and sports medicine applications. Elgin cuff weights can be worn either on your wrists or ankles. The extra long straps (10"-14"L) make it possible for layering for a progressive resistance exercise program and for extra large patients. Elgin-brand cuff weights have become known throughout the sports medicine, rehab & therapy industry as being the most comfortable wrist and ankle weights because they are made of choice-quality, supple vinyl that conforms to the body's curves. Because they are made of vinyl and not neoprene, these cuff weights are easy to clean so that they can be used by multiple users. Unlike other cuff weights, Elgin-brand are almost indestructable. Elgin cuff weights have double-sewn, leak-free outer seams. Flimsy, imported cuff weights sag when hung on racks. Each Elgin wrist and ankle weight, however, is reinforced where the grommet is stamped through the strap and vinyl material for added durability. Only Elgin brand cuff weights are filled with the purest USA-made steel shot. All Elgin products are produced in Sandwich, Illinois. All Elgin cuff weights are sold individually and will vary in size based on the weight increment you purchase.

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