• 100% Silk Sleep Mask, Celery

    Bath Accessories Company

  • $11.58

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  • Description

     Silk Mask to Sleep Well

    Spa Sister Silk Sleep Mask, Celery helps you sleep well. Sleep is restorative; so you don't need any sort of disturbance while sleeping, including visual disturbance. This product helps cut out visual disturbance. With this product, you can have a quick nap whenever you want. Just place it over your eyes and sleep well.

    • Made of silk
    • Blocks visual disturbance
    • Soft on skin

    The product uses silk for that rich, light feeling over your eyes while you sleep. The feel of silk will help you sleep better. You can wear it to avoid light disturbance.

    Just For You: Everyone

    A Closer Look: Spa Sister Silk Sleep Mask, Celery is made from luxurious silk that feels great on your skin. Light is a disturbing factor during sleep and that gets blocked effectively for a sound sleep.

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