• String Machines - Tourna 600 ES Electric With Floor Stand

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  • Description

    TOURNA 600-ES is a Constant Pull Computerized stringing machine made for Tennis, Racquetball, Squash and Badminton. Digital control panel with advanced stringing functions and programming. Six adjustable pull speeds from slow to fast. Four levels of pre-stretch. Knot function increases tension on Tie-Off pulls. Convenient timer function. Precision tension control from 10 to 90 lbs with.1 accuracy. Diamond coated rotary String Gripper. Articulated side arms for ultra-convenient and secure mounting. Adjustable large metal V-shaped side supports. Self-centering lever on mounting stand for fast adjustment. Full 360-degree turntable rotation with brake. Five-tooth, slim profile, quick action, rotating swivel clamps, super quick cam-like mechanism lock down securely and easily with one hand. Comes with height adjustable floor stand, tension foot pedal and stringing tools included.

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