• 100% Organic Raw Coconut Butter, Whole Coconut Flesh Puree, 10 Packs,

    Artisana Organic Foods

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    Don't confuse Artisana 100% Organic Raw Coconut Butter with coconut oil. This whole coconut flesh puree is much closer to nut butters than coconut oil. To make coconut butter, the whole flesh of the matured coconut is pureed until it reaches a creamy spread. Coconut butter is a natural source of essential short and medium chain fatty acids that are easily metabolized for quick energy and deliver structural support for all the cells that comprise the body. It delivers the benefits of the medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil - plus the fiber, minerals, vitamins and micronutrients found in whole coconut meat. Use it on desserts, breads, fruits, smoothies or even as a moisturizer on skin.

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