• 12 Rainbow Friends

    Grimms Spiel and Holz Design

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    Children of all ages (from 1 year+) will imagine many fun ways to use these sweet little Rainbow Friends. They are a natural addition to many of the toys already in your toybox, as they are designed for creative use in any way children see fit! For instance, use them with structures and cities built with building blocks or other construction toys. They also make an excellent tool to counting or sorting, including mixing with other colorful objects (look for Grimm's marbles and acrylic stones). Slightly older children will love using leftover ribbons or fabrics to craft their own "clothes" for the dolls, or to include as part of a seasonal table display.
    These Peg Dolls have simple forms to allow children to supply their own imagination to decide "who" the dolls are. All pieces are crafted by hand from sustainably harvested European wood. All edges are rounded for safety, then finished with natural waterbased stains and pure, food-grade vegetable oil. All coatings are certified nontoxic and conform to stringent European (and American) toy standards, making them safe and suitable for children. Comes minimally-packaged in clear shrink-wrap.
    About Grimm's
    Nestled in a small town in Germany, Grimm's Spiel and Holz Design has been manufacturing high quality, imaginative wooden toys since 1978. Inspired by Waldorf education, these beautiful and unique playthings employ simple shapes, vibrant natural colors, and a gentle texture that can be enjoyed by both children and adults of all ages.
    Grimm's toys are designed with the intention of helping children discover and develop their own creativity leaving plenty of room for independent play and imagination. Grimm's creates puzzles, dolls and building sets that are gorgeous, and also work as décor pieces for a beautiful home. There are no instructions, and you can do no wrong with a Grimm's toy. Just play, learn, and enjoy.

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