• 15 oz. Popcorn Square Plastic Bottles - High Mountain Midnight

    The Maize Corporation

  • $39.77

  • Description

    Fireworks® Popcorn High Mountain Midnight 15 oz. Jar.  A jewel tone blue popcorn with a robust, wild flavor.  Our High Mountain Midnight pop's up bright white.  Small farmers throughout the Midwest grow our popcorn exclusively for us to meet our exacting standards.   No dyes are used to enhance the beautiful colors of our corn. It's all compliments of Mother Nature.   Fireworks® Popcorn grows the same varieties of corn that our Grandparents enjoyed, tender and full of naturally good flavor.  Because our corn is not genetically altered (contains no GMO's) or crossed with low grades of "field" corn they will pop smaller but have very tender hulls that shatter when popped.  Fireworks® Popcorn is easier not only on dental work but also the digestive system. At 120 Calories for each 5 cup individual serving, Fireworks® Popcorn is loaded with 7 Grams of fiber making it the perfect all natural, healthy snack!

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