• 150 Series Vacuum Sealing System, 120V


  • $99.95

  • Description

    Keep food fresher longer, eliminate waste, and protect prized possessions. With the PolyScience 150 Series vacuum sealing system, food stays fresher in the freezer, pantry or refrigerator and keepsakes are protected from water, dirt, and dust. With 120 volts of power, the 150 series is convenient and easy to use with its one-touch sealing operation. The Seal Plus feature ensures that you get an airtight seal every time. Its pulse feature puts you in control by allowing you to determine the amount of vacuum for your item. Sealing bags of food for Sous Vide cooking and also canisters with its external vacuum port, the sealer comes with six- one pint bags, six- one quart bags, and six- one gallon bags. Each bag is made with BPA free plastic. Promising customer satisfaction, the PolyScience 150 Series vacuum sealing system comes with a manufacturer's limited one year warranty.

    15-4/10'' L x 6-2/3'' W x 3-8/10'' H

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