• 2.1 oz for Partials, Seal & Protect

    PoliGrip (GlaxoSmith)

  • $12.54

  • Description

    Helping to Protect Your Remaining Natural Teeth as Part of a Good Oral Care Routine
    Seal & Protect | Denture Adhesive Cream For Partials
    As a partial denture wearer, you want to help protect your remaining natural teeth.  You can do more to help protect your remaining natural teeth by following a good oral care routine every day.  Using Poligrip & Polident for Partials can help.
    Just one or two small strips of Poligrip Seal & Protect adhesive helps to seal out irritating particles of food to help reduce gum irritation.  Poligrip Seal & Protect also helps to stabilize your partial denture.  It creates a snug firm fit to reduce movement against the gum & neighboring teeth.

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