• 2:1 Protein Bars 2:1 Bar 12/Box (Flavor: Oatmeal)

    Europa Sports

  • $10.87

  • Description

    Rich, gooey…crunchy, too. Not a candy bar, but as tasty as any one on the market with nutrition to keep you on-the-go and not blow your health and fitness goals. Enjoy! They say we’ve built a better bar; they’re right. We developed the 2:1 Protein Bar because there was a strong demand for—and no supply of—a great tasting protein bar that was:  Low in carbohydrates and calories  Packed with whey protein isolate  Perfect for both meal replacement and post-workout nutrition   We’ve succeeded in creating that bar. With a revolutionary 2:1 ratio of protein to carbohydrates and zero trans fats, the 2:1 Protein Bar is the ideal bar to support your goals for weight loss and lean muscle growth to create the potential for optimal results.

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