• 2 oz bottle each of Glo Germ Gel and Powder,

    Glo Germ

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    Introducing the Premium Mini Kit, which includes the hand-held mini black flashlight with 12 super bright LED bulbs (battery included), a 2 oz. bottle of Glo Germ gel, a 1.2 oz Glo Germ powder, Trainers Manual and a set of Activity sheets?  This kit is excellent for hand washing training (up to 50 demonstrations) and cross contamination demonstration and testing (over 50 demonstrations).
    The Glo GermTM products demonstrate germ communication, cross-contamination, effectiveness of sanitary practices, and more! Illuminate the weaknesses in your techniques with Glo GermTM and protect yourself, your customers, and your bottom line!
    In this age of concern over infectious diseases, security, and liability, Glo GermTM is an effective tool to demonstrate hand washing, surface cleaning, hygiene, and containment techniques. It is a big mistake to assume that your employees understand the critical nature of these simple processes-you have to teach them! Not enough can be said about the importance of cleanliness, proper hand washing and infection control.
    Since 1968, Glo GermTM has provided customers with a fun and safe product that casts a revealing glow when exposed to Glo Germ'sTM U.V. light, turning the invisible into "germs you can see!"

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