• 2013 Pro Models - Spirit Animal Series - BEECHWOOD -Alex Smith - Mellow Yellow

    Kendama USA

  • $29.99

  • Description

    Our most highly anticipated model is now available. The 2013 Pro Model uses a brand new paint we have been developing for nearly 2 years, and offers a playing experience like no other. The tama gives an unmatched level of grip during Kendama play. Each Pro has chosen his own unique color, and has his autograph and spirit animal engraved into the handle, so you know it's a genuine Kendama USA product. These Pro's have spent years innovating play, teaching, promoting, and giving back to the Kendama community. You'll be glad to know that a portion of every sale goes directly to each pro, and helps them continue to progress and push the sport even further. Get ready to take your Kendama play to the next level.

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