• 2013 Pro Models - Spirit Animal Series - BEECHWOOD -Zack Yourd - Peach

    Kendama USA

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    The Kendama USA Pro Team is made up of a distinguished, talented, and positive group of Kendama players. These seasoned veterans have been true innovators, pioneers, and inspirations to the growing number of Kendama players around the world. Each team member has chosen his own unique engraving and tama color for this very special product release. The 2012 Pro Models use a dense, high quality dark cherry wood for the Tama. This extra weight gives your Kendama a unique feel, sound, and control while playing. Each Pro Team member has his signature laser engraved into the handle. Inside this brand new packaging, you'll find an envelope stuffed with a handful of fresh stickers, an instruction guide, and an extra string and bead. A portion of every purchase goes directly to that player. Help support your favorite Pro!!!

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