• 24" Electric Rotating Tree Stand 7.5'


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    These Rotating Christmas Tree Stands 24 inch diameter leg base can fit trees with a 1.25 inch diameter pole base width. The Rotating Christmas Tree Stands rotates 360 degrees, so the entire tree becomes visible to your family and guests. It also have an additional electrical plug-in outlet for up to 900 miniature Indoor Christmas Light. These Artificial Tree Stands are made of heavy-duty flexible poly vinyl. The rotating tree stands will hold up to a 75lb or 7.5ft artificial Christmas tree (whichever is lesser of the two). These ez Christmas Tree Stands utilize 120 volts, and a knob controls whether the rotating is on or off. The rotating tree stand for artificial trees comes with easy assembly instructions. E Z Rotating Tree Stand Product Specifications: This EZ Rotating Christmas Tree Stand comes in 5 pieces: the motor/base and the four legs. Unpacking of these tree stands consists of only removing the tape on the box and removing each component from the Styrofoam insert. Everything you need to know about the setup of these EZ Rotating Christmas Tree Stands can be explained by reading the following simple instructions: Each number coordinates with the numbers in the picture above. 1. Most of the Power cord was deleted from the picture, but it will need to be unwound prior to use. 2, 3, 4, and 5. These are grooves on the base station of the E Z Rotating Tree Stand, in which the legs will need to be inserted. 6. These are your four rotating Christmas tree stand legs. Unpack the base station and check to ensure that there is no Styrofoam residue in the grooves where the legs will go and also in the hole on top, for the pole on your Christmas tree. Unwind the cord and unpack the legs. Turn the base station upside down and insert each leg into any groove, in any order. When you are done flip these Rotating Christmas Tree Stands over and place it near a power outlet. Now test your base station to make sure it works properly.

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