• 24 Games You Can Play on a Checker Board

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    Games You Can Play on a Checkerboard

    Carol Lynch Williams

    The latest in the successful children's activity series, Games You Can Play on a Checkerboard teaches kids how to use a plain old checkerboard and pieces to play 24 different new games! All the pieces needed to play these games are included, as well as easy-to-follow instructions. Impress friends and family by turning the checkerboard into a frontier for inventive new games.

    Games include The Coyote and the Chickens, Box the Fox, Wolf and Goats, Fox and Geese, Horseshoe, Catching the Pigs, Hey! Get Outta My Line, Leap Frog, Solitaire Pyramid Checkers, and checkerboard games from other countries!

    Directions for 24 different games

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