• 3-D Gel Clear - 0.5 oz.


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    Mehron Costume Theatre Make Up Gel                             3-D Blood Gel can also be used in the hair for great head trauma look and washes out with warm water. 5. 3-D Gel can also be used to apply prosthetic pieces and to blend edges. This is great if the appliance needs to come off for a quick change. To help blend thin edges, apply a little rubbing alcohol to help dissolve the gel
    Great for all types of scarring and skin distortions                                Apply 3-D Gel Blood last, as you want it to set up shiny and wet looking. 4. If the ColorSet Powder makes the flesh look too dull, spray with Barrier Spray to remove any powder haze. Because the gel liquefies to heat it's best to use Barrier Spray under the Gel as well to keep sweat and temperature away from the Gel.
    Heat to liquid form                               Comes out of clothing, hair and carpets.

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