• 3-in-1 Therapy Insoles - Men's Therapy Insoles (Size: LG)

    US Jaclean

  • $11.79

  • Description

    Tropical Shiatsu Massaging Men's/Women's Full Length Insoles are like 3 insoles in 1 - Shiatsu massage, reflexology therapy and magnetic therapy 
    These Shiatsu massaging insoles are covered with nodules that apply gentle pressure to vital acupressure points. Like the deep kneading of a massage therapist, these insoles help stimulate well-being throughout the body and relieve foot pain. Magnets are embedded in the insoles, helping to increase circulation, while air holes help keep your feet dry. 
    (Caution: Not recommended for people with fractures and broken bones)
    Reflexology benefits:
    Improves blood circulation 
    Relieves lower back pain 
    Great arch support
    Magnet benefits:
    Relaxes muscle tension 
    Relieves pain and speeds the healing process
    Features & Benefits:
    Nodules gently massage acupressure points, helping relieve foot pain 
    Magnetic therapy helps increase circulation in the foot 
    250 air holes in each insole allow air to circulate, keeping feet dry 
    Allows air to pass through for ventilation 
    Convenient, washable and long lasting 
    Insoles can be trimmed to fit 
    Includes one pair of insoles (one left and one right)

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