• 30 Tie Organizer - Wall Mounted - Set of 2 (Chrome)-(2.75" H x 15.5" L x 2.25" from bar to wall)

    Organize It All

  • $19.99

  • Description

    Keep your neck ties and scarves tidy and organized with the Wall Mounted 30 Tie Organizer! This tie organizer mounts easily to the closet wall or under a shelf to neatly store neck ties, scarves and belts! Simply affix the rod, and then hang ties and scarves from the removable hangers. When it's time to get ready for work, you'll find your accessories easy to reach and easy to put away! The chrome bar provides ample space in between ties, preventing wrinkling. Hardware included. Holds 30 ties. Sorry - extra hangers not available. Extends approximately 2.75 inches from wall. Pick one up today, and let the organization begin! SOLD IN A SET OF 2. .

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