• 4" Flashlight Sheath (Black)


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  • Description

    Product Details Product Features  Height (Enclosed Part): 3.75-Inch   Height (Max Content): hold flashlight up to 5.0-Inch   Diameter: 1.25-Inch with Elastic Ret.  Overall Width: 1.5-Inch   Belt: 3-Inch Closed Loop  Attach: 3-Inch TacTie (sold separately) used for modular attachment onto ALICE, MOLLE/PALS, Maxpedition webbing At the behest of hand-held LED light manufacturer INOVA/Emissive Energy Corp., MAXPEDITION created the 4-Inch and 5-Inch Tube Sheath models for hand-in-glove fit on INOVA's T1 and T3 models, respectively. These versatile sheaths, equipped with lateral elastic retention, also fit a multitude of flush or flared bezel torches from all major manufacturers. Rather than having the cost-cutting crimped bottoms like most other sheaths, MAXPEDITION Tube Sheaths have 1.1-Inch diameter throughout, all the way to the base, greatly augmenting carrying capacity, versatility and accessibility. MAXPEDITION Tube Sheaths are slim, saving precious space on web gear or belt. A secure Velcro lid provides full range of length adjustability while the grommeted bottom provides quick drainage and shine through functionality.

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