• 4 in 1 Multi-Use Organic Bath Towel - Natural; Grey Trim (34" x 34")


  • $54.32

  • Description

    We all know how difficult it can be to bathe a child, especially newborns for first time parents. aacua is THE new generation bath item that transforms bath time with your children into a more relaxing safe and fun experience! Safety: Wear aacua as an apron while you bathe your baby. aacua frees up both your hands to tend to your baby. You can focus on your child and prevent accidents: no need to worry about where you put the towel, or how to hold it. With aacua, a towel is always there where you need it since it's on YOU. Functionality: You can carry your child directly from the tub to you, without getting wet! As a towel, aacua's high quality 100% Organic Cotton absorbs water quickly while remaining extra soft to your child's skin. Nurturing: Keep your child happy, warm and safe. aacua helps you take care of your little ones!

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