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    A site of pilgrimage since medieval times, Lough Derg is associated with many Irish Saints, including Patrick and Brigid, whose cross from an ancient carved stone on the island is incised on this font. Water forms an important part of the pilgrimage which involves a crossing by boat. The lake is best known for St Patrick's Purgatory, a site of pilgrimage on Station Island in the lake. The traditional three day pilgrimage follows a 1000 year old pattern. It starts on Friday. This day you can only have one meal. As soon as you arrive to the island you must take off your shoes and socks and start with your vocal prayers, walking around the island. This day you also begin a full 24 hour night vigil. You leave the island on Sunday, and your fast finishes at midnight of Sunday. Crafted in Ireland with a Bronze Finish. Measures 7 x 4 Inches. By renowned Wild goose. Treat yourself or surprise someone with this beautifully crafted authentic Irish gift and hang your Irish heritage and roots with pride.

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