• 5½” BUTTERFLY CineSpinner

    Eye Think, Inc.

  • $22.45

  • Description

    Suspend this optical disk in front of a well-lit background (Or Window), and as it rotates, the shadowy image will spring to life from between the black vertical lines. This butterfly illusion is an Amazing Accomplishment...  How Do They Do That!? It's Optically Animated Art That Engages, Awes & Inspires!
    Much like the lenticular images from our youth; only, Much BETTER! CineSpinnerTM Suncatchers should be suspended at eye level either in a daylit window or in front of a plain, light background such as a white wall, leaving enough room for them to rotate completely around at the end of their string. Dark walls or busy backgrounds will diminish the impact of CineSpinnersTM.
    Each CineSpinner has a pre-drilled hole and comes with clear filament line for hanging. The natural movement of air creates movement of the disk that animates the figure.  No Batteries are required

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