• 5″ Folding Firebox Campfire Stove/ Accessory Kit

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    Firebox 5" Folding Campfire Stove: "the most portable, versatile, easy to use cooking stove ever." It's a thin, portable campfire and multi-fuel stove with a 5" combustion chamber that burns very efficient. Simply place combustible fuels in the Firebox and ignite from the top or bottom through the fire grate. Burn: Quick fire, small combustibles, and eco bricks. Slide the ash pan upside down directly under the bottom stove panel to seal all the holes of the fire grate. Now burn! Burn: Solid fuel tablets, hexamine, firelite, esbit, meta, and trioxane. Tons of fuel tablets, but only one stove burns them all. Place the ash pan on top of the stove so that fuel tablets can be burned. Burn: Wood Chips, yard chips, recycled sawdust blocks. Wood is everywhere. Use wood scraps from the backyard, dead trees, be a hero and save the planet by burning recycled wood blocks. Burn: Alcohol gel cans, sterno cans, or even alcohol stoves. Use the diamond shaped holes on the side panels and insert the fire sticks for the desired height of the alcohol can. Burn: Any wood, twigs, sticks, kindling, and biomass products. In the open fire position the firebox is ready to burn fuels gathered from nature. The fuel is all around you. Burn: Briquettes, and any charcoal block products. Grab any quick lighting briquettes from the store and light away. You could even add those special smoke chips for flavor. Fire sticks can: move stove when hot remove/empty ash pan cook food easy like smores and hotdogs! Once the fire is burning, add fuel to attain the desired BTU output. The open design allows for free airflow, which ensures maximum performance. Product Info: Dimensions: 5" x 7" Weight: 2.2 lbs. Material: 18 ga. stainless steel. Includes Grill Plate, Boil Plate and 2 Extra Fire Sticks.   "I found it to be an asset, it's built like a tank and worked flawlessly." - Stephen Lewis

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