• 5 Inch CPAP Pillow - Recomended for clients over 200lbs

    Contour Products, Inc./ Contour Life

  • $59.99

  • Description

    Enjoy the freedom to sleep in any position. The pillow’s unique, pressure-free zones promote contact-free CPAP use while its anatomic shape improves airway alignment and encourages proper support. Backed by a 5-year warranty, this quality product is made of highly resilient, cushiony and stable material, ensuring that the pressure-free areas hold up against the weight of your head while still providing a cushioned sleeping surface. Available in 3 height levels to accommodate individual needs. Most users will be comfortable using the standard profile pillow. Larger, broad shouldered patients, or anyone who prefers a thicker pillow should select the high profile model. Lighter patients, or those who prefer a thin pillow should choose the low profile version. Below is a general selection guide but personal preference is the most important factor when selecting your pillow.

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