• 5 LB. Popcorn Bottles - Savanna Gold

    The Maize Corporation

  • $35.20

  • Description

    Now you can enjoy your favorite gourmet popping corn in a 5 lb. re-sealable plastic bottle (80 oz) of Fireworks Popcorn. Your choice of the most popular varieties of the ultimate gourmet popping corn. Wisconsin White Birch: This delicious white popping corn pops up light and crsipy, with a sweet, mild flavor. Savana Gold: Creamy, chewy texture and mellow flavor. Sweet flavored corn that is so sweet, it's like you have buttered it. High Mountain Midnight: This variety of blue corn pops up larger than most blues, and features a wild, robust flavor, with a creamy texture. Orchard Blossom: The sweet pink color of these kernels reflects the sweet flavor and tender texture of this corn. Autumn Blaze: This corn offers small, crunchy flakes. Red River Valley: A dark, rich and red kernel variety known for its refined taste and crisp texture. Harvest Blend: From America's heartland, a special blend of harvest's finest kernels; blue, red and gold. Baby White Rice: This small, white, hull-less popping corn was grown on family farms at the turn of the century. Harvest Blend: Popping corn, from America's heartland. A special blend of harvest's finest kernels, blue, red and gold. Sunset Fire: Kernels with hues of gold and red pop light and fluffy with a full, mellow flavor.

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