• 50 Movie Theater Popcorn Boxes .75 Ounce (Oz) Box

    Great Northern Popcorn Co. / DTX

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    These convenient .75 ounce popcorn boxes are the ultimate add-on to your new popcorn machine. These boxes let you serve your popcorn like the professionals do. These are the actual boxes that are used at many movie theaters, malls, and concession stands.  Our boxes are "closed-top" which means the top will actually fold down to prevent spillage.  The unique "coating" absorbs grease and will with stand much more abuse than the cheaper boxes on the market. These boxes are an economical solution for holding your popcorn while watching movies, at parties, or at social events in your home, office, church, or business.    Why buy Great Northern Popcorn Boxes?    Larger Boxes: these boxes hold .75 ounces of popcorn.  They measure   6 1/2" tall X 4" wide X 2" deep.     Easy Storage These boxes are folded so they will store easily under your popper or in the store room.     No Mess - If you have used the smaller/cheaper bags, you know how difficult it is to scoop the popcorn into the bag. These boxes were specifically designed to quicken the loading process and to avoid the overspill.   Cost - Each servings cost will be the same, no matter who is making the corn. Don't pay for expensive cups when you can get premium quality boxes for a fraction of the price.   Concessionaires:    Looking for a mess free, low cost solution to serve your popcorn? If you are looking for bulk quantities and are interested in finding out more about how GNP can put more money in your pocket, please contact us via one of the links in the auction.

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