• 5000 Games in One Pocket Arcade Handheld Electronic Game - Various Colors

    Westminster Toys

  • $10.05

  • Description

    Play up to 5000 games with different levels and different skills. Includes Sure shot, Tank, Street Racing, Ping pong, Alien Invasion, Rapid Blaster, Frog hop, Reptilian, Bank shot and more. Once a game has been selected you can challenge yourself by selecting one of many variations of the game. Press either the up or down arrow keys to choose a game variation. To select a skill level, press the right arrow button. The speed of a game can also be increased by pressing the left arrow button. Both skill level and game speed have 10 progressively challenging degrees from which to choose. Use a combination of game / variation / skill level / game speed to experience all 5,000! Once a game is selected, press start or pause to begin playing. You may press start/pause at any time during a game to pause play. Press either button again to resume. You will receive one game.

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