• 6"-7" Bully Stick

    Gralen Company

  • $9.45

  • Description

    Bully Sticks are also known as Pizzle Sticks or Steer Sticks. Bully sticks last a long time, are digested easily and are 100% natural beef chew. (If you need an explanation of what a bully stick is, please email us.) Manufactured in the USA. These are the best bully sticks I have found. They are made by the Bravo company, a family owned business that specializes in raw food and treats for our dogs and cats. See other products we offer from Bravo. While raising my latest Malinois puppy I tried a variety of different companies' products. None of them met our standards. They either had a horrible smell once the dog began to chew on them, or the pup devoured the whole stick in a matter of minutes. Even the less expensive bully sticks cost a lot if they are only going to last your dog 5 or 10 minutes. These Bravo bully sticks really have no odor and seem to last MUCH longer than any other brand I have tried. Be aware that depending on your dog, your experience may differ from mine. I recommend them for small dogs, puppies and adult dogs that are not super aggressive chewers. Personally, I only use them for puppies up to about 6 months of age (for times when I need a really great puppy pacifier). They are expensive, so if you are the kind of person that will be upset if your dog devours the whole thing in 10 minutes, I would recommend you don't purchase these. As with any treat or toy, please supervise your dog at all times. If your dog chews this down to a small piece that may be a choking hazard, please take it away from your dog. Dogs may swallow it whole and it could cause upset stomach or other digestive problems. I let my pup chew these on the carpet in the living room and never had any issues, but be aware that these bully sticks could be messy and could leave a residue on the floor or furniture.

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