• 6-Cell 7.2V 1200mAh Ni-MH:1/16 SLH,ERV

    Horizon Hobby

  • $6.00

  • Description

    Traxxas battery pack used in the 1/16 scale Slash and E-Revo VXL. Stick configuration 16-gauge wire. Includes Traxxas high-current female connector. Whether you?re stocking up on packs to extend your drive time or you?re ready to unleash the full fury of your Traxxas 1/16 VXL model with dual-battery power insist on genuine Traxxas power for your model. The Traxxas Series 1 Power Cell battery is constructed using premium 2/3A cells heavy-duty welded tabs silicone-jacketed 16g wire and Traxxas? exclusive High Current Connector for efficient power flow and optimum performance. Type: NiMH Voltage: 7.2V Connector Type: Traxxas Wire Gauge: 16 AWG Length: 4.75 in. (121mm) Width: 1.25 in. (32.0mm) Height: 0.75 in. (19.0mm) Requires: Peak-detecting charger rated for NiMH batteries

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