• 6' x 6' Round Kerala Gray Jute Rug

    Anji Mountain

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    Anji Mountain AMB0329-060R Round Kerala Jute Area Rug, Gray, 6-Foot Diameter

    Jute is predominantly farmed by approximately four million small farmers in India and Bangladesh and supports hundreds of thousands of workers in jute manufacturing (from raw material to yarn and finished products). Each of these rugs is expertly hand loom-woven by skilled weavers who employ a variety of traditional techniques to create these simply beautiful styles.

    Anji Mountain Round Kerala Jute Area Rug in Gray
    Round Kerala Jute Area Rug in Gray
    Made from Renewable and Sustainable Materials

    Since its inception in 2003, Anji Mountain has established itself as the finest source of area rugs and office chair mats made from both natural fibers, including jute, bamboo, sea grass, sisal and cork, and recycled materials. Anji Mountain is a family business founded on the principle that only sustainable uses of the earth’s natural resources can be tolerated. It’s Anji Mountain’s mission to bring these wonderful resources to as wide an audience as possible.

    The Benefits of Jute

    Jute brings a magni?cent, chunky texture to any space. Its fibers exhibit naturally anti-static, insulating, and moisture-regulating properties. Its long, soft, and shiny fibers are among the strongest, most flexible vegetable fibers.

    Healthy Home

    Synthetic area rugs and carpets commonly off-gas toxic, harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air. These VOCs can be emitted from both the synthetic fibers that make up the rug pile and the synthetic glues used in the backing. VOCs can cause a multitude of unpleasant symptoms including eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, nausea and dizziness. Choosing a natural fiber area rug, like jute, which does not off-gas is a positive choice that helps create a healthier environment in your home.


    All fibers that are exposed to direct, prolonged sunlight will experience some degree of fading. Please rotate your rug regularly if it is in a sunny location. Rug pad recommended.

    Anji Mountain Jute Area Rugs are expertly hand loom-woven
    Expertly hand loom-woven
    Protect Our Planet

    Most in society agree that global warming is happening. However, the harm that the human race has done to our natural world is reversible, at least to an extent. If we delay modifications to our behavior and practices we do so at the peril of future generations and ourselves. Choosing products made from natural fibers instead of synthetic fibers is a small step towards reversing man-made damage to our planet but it’s an important one.

    • Nicknamed the “Golden Fiber” for its beautiful luster
    • Rug pad recommended
    • Expertly handloom-woven by skilled weavers
    • Long, soft and shiny fibers are among the strongest, most flexible vegetable fibers

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