• 7" Saucepan - 1.65 Qt Pan and Stainless Cover

    USA Pans

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  • Description

    With 5 layers extending throughout the base and up the sides to the rim, this USA PAN 5-ply stainless-steel saucepan distributes heat evenly to prepare rich and flavorful sauces. Magnetic, surgical-grade 18/10 stainless-steel exterior with layers of pure aluminum, aluminum alloy, pure aluminum and surgical-grade 18/10 stainless-steel interior maintains the consistent cooking temperature essential for gourmet cooking. Simmering Bearnaise sauce, chasseur or richly seasoned marinara, this stainless-steel saucepan with lid transfers heat evenly to prevent scorching. Lid creates a vapor seal to simmer sauce in natural juices, lock in vitamins and minerals, without diluting flavors or altering consistency. A noticeable difference while simmering sauce, pudding or dessert topping, this USA Pan saucepan lets you cook on a lower heat setting for energy efficiency. This premium pan exemplifies the quality that has made USA Pan a leader in the commercial industry. Durable, patented 5-ply pan is engineered and produced in America. Each USA Pan 5-ply stainless-steel saucepan undergoes an 18-step process that ensures excellence on every stove top, including induction. Polished by hand to a mirror shine, USA Pan cookware provides a stunningly rich appearance in the kitchen and on the table. Durable, ergonomic cast steel handles with stainless-steel rivets for added strength and long-life durability. Easy-pour flat rim, and reverse panel bottom for flat cooking stability on every cooktop. Stainless-steel lid. Dishwasher-safe. For more than 50 years, USA Pan has provided professional-grade baking pans to leading bakeries. Using superior materials, design and manufacturing methods, USA Pan now provides innovative, durable cookware for professional and home kitchens.

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