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    The Princes of the Sun reprint for Game of Thrones The Card Game, marked with Revised Edition on the front of the box, now includes three copies of each of the 60 unique cards included in the original printing. Featuring the defiant and treacherous vengeance-seekers of the Dornish sands, Princes of the Sun offers players full play set with which to immediately begin competitive House Martell deck-building. Also included is an intriguing Civil War game variant that lets players compete for the limited resources of single deck. House Martell excels at icon manipulation, the production of influence and in vengeance to do well against this House is asking for punishment. Princes of the Sun showcases House Martell�s counterintuitive win strategy, winning through losing. That is, this strategy comprises of letting your opponents win certain challenges in order for you to win others or take some other benefit. Get ready to have bloodthirsty response to House Martell�s slights with Princes of the Sun.
           In the Princes of the Sun expansion, the defiant and treacherous serpents of House Martell join the A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. This 180 card expansion (three copies each of 60 unique cards) provides the cards you'll need to seek vengeance against the other Houses of Westeros. Infamous Martell characters like Prince Doran and Princess Arianne Martell, Areo Hotah, Ser Arys Oakheart, Darkstar, the Daynes of Sunspear, and the Red Viper himself are featured, along with the staple building block cards necessary to make the Martells a competitive option.

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