• ABCs Of NHB, Vol. 1: High-Speed Training For No-Holds-Barred Fighting: Extreme Boxing Chain Drills

    Paladin Press

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    No-holds-barred (NHB) fighting is the most realistic and demanding combat sport in existence today. It is also one of the few "sport" activities that effectively develops real-world self-defense skills. The key to success in NHB and on the street is being a total fighter. And the key to becoming that fighter is Mark Hatmaker's explosive new NHB training series.
    Volume 1 of this series builds upon the skills taught in Hatmaker's best-selling Extreme Boxing video by teaching you the secrets of Extreme Boxing chain drills. These high-speed drills consist of a prearranged sequence of strikes and counters that closely simulate the dynamics of a real fight while scientifically programming spontaneous combat reflexes. Hatmaker leads you step-by-step through 20 of the most effective chain drill sequences and shows you how to extract practical combat techniques from the movements of these drills. You'll also learn how to integrate powerful striking combinations with takedowns and grappling techniques while maintaining your own airtight defense. If you want to fight like a pro, you need to train like one.

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