• ABCs Of NHB, Vol. 2: High-Speed Training For No-Holds-Barred Fighting: Shoot And Takedown Progressions

    Paladin Press

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    In this second volume of Mark Hatmaker's NHB series, he reveals the secrets of the shoot and double-leg takedown - the most basic yet critical skill for all serious mixed martial arts practitioners. Hatmaker's methodical, by-the-numbers approach teaches you everything you need to know to quickly master standard double-leg takedowns, half-load finishes, full-load finishes and finishes from the knees. Along the way, he shares little-known secrets that will improve your stance, footwork, entries, and finishes and tremendously improve your shooting skills. As part of his comprehensive total-fighter approach, Hatmaker also teaches you the most effective and reliable counters to double-leg takedowns - surefire techniques that will allow you to always maintain your balance and your control of the fight. Finally, Hatmaker shows you how to combine all of these elements into a dynamic takedown progression that will enable you to seamlessly flow from one technique to another and always stay one step ahead of your opponent.

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