• Abmat abdominal exerciser and core trainer with DVD

    Body Core / Ab Mat

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    Sit ups are back! The AbMat Total Trunk Protection System has been scientifically proven to isolate your abdominal muscles and conduct a biomechanically correct sit up. Supporting the spine whilst conducting the exercise ensures you carry out a quality exercise unlike the "cheating" ab crunches you see in the gym. Great for classes with the knowledge that a safe and effective exercise is being executed.
    The AbMat is a totally one of a kind abdominal exerciser and core trainer because it offers:  
    The full range of motion necessary to work the entire abdominal muscle group. Crunch exercises and most equipment fall short of the AbMat!  
    A variety of exercises that isolate upper and/or lower abs, as well as the obliques and lower back muscles. 
    A safe, comfortable design contoured to your lower back to provide support and to help prevent injury.  
    One size fits all!There is no need to worry about height and weight differences between users.  
    No more balancing!Unlike fitness balls, the AbMat won/'t roll or wobble on you, so you can focus on your workout  
    A compact, portable design that requires no set - up or tear - down.Take it with you anywhere! 
    A product made in the U.S.A. Find out what many professional athletes and fitness experts already know. The AbMat ab - literates the competition! The ultimate core trainer strengthens your entire abdominal chain, obliques, and lower back. It supports your spine and puts you into the proper position to perform each exercise. It's portable, durable, and scientifically proven to work. It comes complete with an instructional manual and workout program.

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