• Absolute Combo (Pole & Hanger)

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    Absolute 2.5 Gallon Feeder with Pole Trap Door Come Down and Frustrates Squirrels This feeder is squirrel proof and works great with a large variety of birds. It manufactured by Heritage Farms and comes with a heavy duty hanger and mounting bracket. This is how it works: When a squirrel climbs onto the weight-sensitive perch, a trap door closes off access to the seed. The perch's weight settings are adjustable, so you can also keep unwanted birds, such as crows, from using your feeder. The setting can be adjusted so it is not too sensitive yet sensitive enough that squirrels cannot get to the seed. Features include: Accepts all types of Seeds to attract a large variety of birds Seed Saving Baffle - eliminates wasted seed and prevents weeds Easy one handed filling -- TopLoc feature holds the top open when filling and allows Large capacity Durable powder coated steel. Convenient Seed Indicator Level Hanging and Pole Mounting Hardware Included Highly functional - Allows song birds to eat, including cardinals - NOT squirrels Birds That Use This Feeder: Chickadees Finches Goldfinches Grosbeaks Juncos Kinglets Siskins Sparrows Titmice Towhees Woodpeckers Wrens Redpolls Nuthatches Type of Seed or Feed Options: Safflower Seed Mixed Seed Sunflower Seed Cracked Corn Peanut Chunks Sunflower Kernel Bird Feeder Details Feed Capacity 10 Qt; 15 lbs. Dimensions 13.50" x 11.50" x 16.00" Mounting Hang or Pole Mount Weight 15 Pounds Material Metal, Resin Feeding Ports 1 Port In Stock-Ships Fast

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