• AC Adapter for Tl-2100-R2 and R3 series monitors 6 6volt

    Smart Caregiver Corp

  • $16.43

  • Description

    6 volt AC Adapter works with Smart Caregiver Alarm Monitors TL-2100S and TL-2100G. The TL-2100S is sold in packages "Floor Mat with Alarm", "SMART CAREGIVER SC1-SYS Safety Auto-Reset Monitor And 10-Inch by 15-Inch Chair Sensor Pad", and "SMART CAREGIVER SBR1-SYS Safety Auto-Reset Monitor And 10-Inch by 30-Inch Bed Sensor Pad", among others). The TL-2100G is sold individually as well as part of packages, so check the package listing product description to confirm model information. Contact seller if you are not sure this is the correct AC for your products.

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