• ActiveWrap Hot/Cold Reusable Compress Therapy Knee - Lg/XL - Over an 18" thigh - BAWK006

    Active Wrap

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    Manage your knee pain without sacrificing support! The ActiveWrap Knee Heat & Ice Wrap is an all in one wrap that provides firm compression support along with relieving hot and cold therapy. The smart design of the Active Wrap Knee Support allows the hot and cold packs to be adjusted anywhere through the wrap to provide cool, comfortable relief. The ActiveWrap Knee Heat & Ice Wrap does everything you need a wrap to do: it provides heat, cold, and mild-moderate support for the knee. The ActiveWrap Knee Heat & Ice Wrap is the all in one wrap you have been searching for! The ActiveWrap Knee Heat & Ice Wrap is not only a heat and ice wrap but also provides compression support to help you perform better and recover faster. The ActiveWrap includes 2 large reusable hot and cold packs with a specially formulated thermal material designed to prevent the gel from migrating or moving away from the injured site. The 2 large reusable packs are great for continuous icing after a strenuous activity, when one pack gets too warm simply switch it out with a cold one. The ActiveWrap features a premium grade plush supporter with smooth jersey outer layer to ensure a cool, comfortable wrap every time! The Active Wrap Knee Heat & Ice Wrap comes in two sizes; Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. The small/medium wrap will fit a thigh under 18" and will fit most youth. The large/X-large is for thighs over 18" and fits most adults. It's your body, take care of it! Buy your ActiveWrap Knee Heat & Ice Wrap from ActiveForever.com today! ActiveWrap Knee Therapy Wrap Features: Soft reusable heat and ice packs provide soothing relief

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