• Adventure Medical Sportsman Series Grizzly

    Green Supply

  • $99.99

  • Description

    Hunting and fishing demand specially tailored gear, which is why Adventure Medical Kits hs created the sportsman kit. Designed for recreational hunters and fishermen on trips up to four days long, the Sportsman contains supplies to treat the most common injuries, including penetration wounds from bullets or arrows, fish hook removal, stabilizing sprains, and stopping severe bleeding. Weighing just over a pound and compact enough to fit in any pack, the sportsman is required equipment on your next hunting/fishing adventure.  Pockets organized by injury for fast and effective first aid.  Pockets have injury specific equipment and instructions.  Saves time and frustration when the pressure is on to find what you need  Exclusive Easy Access Bandages  Exhibiting the greatest innovation since adhesion, these bandages are so easy to open and apply you’ll say “Wow”! The unique Grip/Pull/Stick opening and application system make these the most convenient bandages available for your wound care needs.

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