• AE Light Xenide EasyMount Auto OR wall mount Pair of 2 2-AEX Easy Mount

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    Easy Mount for Flashlights. The AE-EASYMOUNT from Larson Electronics allows for easy mounting of Larson Electronics LED, HID, and Halogen handheld flashlights. This urethane easy mount unit allows for hands free mounting of Larson Electronics flashlights. Two side through holes allow for side mounting, while a mounting hole at the base of this unit allows for surface mounting. A quick release strap allows operators to quickly release the mounted flashlight. This unit makes for easy storage at the operator`s desired location, or hands free operation of light when both hands are needed. The AE-EASYMOUNT urethane flashlight mounting unit is compatible with the following Larson Electronics handheld flashlights: AEX, ASX, and ATX series lights PL series lights EXPRL series lights EXP-LED-F4W, EXP-LED-FX2, and EXP-LED-51 lights EPL-UV-20W series lights LE-217, LE-224, and EXPFL-31 lights Specifications / Additional Information AE-EASYMOUNT Flashlight Holder Material: Urethane Dimensions: 14"H x 16"W 5"D-Square - 16" diameter-Round Mounting: (2) side thru-holes - (1) base thru-hole Special Orders- Requirements Contact us for special requirements Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671 Intl: 1-903-498-3363 E-mail: sales@larsonelectronics.comScroll Down to Purchase-

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