• AER1 Total Air Filter 2-pack

    Jarden Consumer Solutions

  • $29.86

  • Description

    Aer1 Disposable Filters Trap And Lock Up To 99.97% Of Dust And Other Harmful Airborne Allergens Before They Settle In Your Home. Breathe Cleaner, Fresher Indoor Air With The Aer1 System, Guaranteed To Dramatically Improve Home Air Quality.\N\Nthe Aer1 Total Air Filter Is Ideal For Any Room In Your House, As It Reduces The Need To Dust And Vacuum Often. It Uses A Hepa-Type Technology That Removes Up To 99% Of Airborne Pollutants. It Successfully Traps And Lock 30% Mroe Dust Particles From Your Home, Leaving You With An Overal Fresher Cleaner Living Space For You And Your Family.

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