• AeroPilates® Ballet Bar Accessory (4-5 Cord Only)

    Stamina Products

  • $200.00

  • Description

    The AeroPilates Ballet Barre attachment is one more way to turn your AeroPilates reformer into a total body sculpting studio. The smooth wood Ballet Barre looks like a true ballet barre and attaches to your AeroPilates reformer the same way the Cardio Rebounder and footbar attach. Switching from the footbar or Cardio Rebounder is as simple as removing the Cardio Rebounder or footbar, sliding the Ballet Barre into the same holes and securing with the locking knobs. Perform ballet moves like pliés as well as non-ballet moves like dips and push-ups. For use with 4 and 5 cord AeroPilates reformers (except 55-5556 and the 55-5557).

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