• Agave, Nectar Amber 23.5 OZ

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    A Sweet Substitute Agave Nectar Amber is a pure and natural sweetener that's made from the juice of the Agave plant. It's a good choice for those health-conscious people who need to avoid excess sugar and sweets. This nectar is a natural substitute for sugar and other artificial sweeteners and can be enjoyed in coffee, tea, baking or any other dish. It's a simple plant-oriented food item that's free of gluten and allergen. Churned out from the blue Agave plant Holds a unique flavor  Organic and kosher-certified Easy and natural choice If you are looking for a pure and 100% naturally produced sweetener then try Agave Nectar Amber that's made with a low glycemic index. Just For You:  Those who like their food to be naturally sweetened  Essential Elements:  This sugar substitute is a pure sweetener that's great to be used in place of brown sugar, maple syrup or molasses. Free of:  Gluten, allergen and GMO

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