• Air Cleaner & Revitalizer - Earth Globe Silver


  • $35.51

  • Description

    The EcoGecko Earth Globe Revitalizer cleans and deodorizes the air with its waterwash technology. Water removes odors, dust and bacteria from the air and returns clean, fresh and fragrant air back into the room. The contemporary styling of this air revitalizer includes a shimmering blue LED light and a whirlpool of swirling water to create a tranquil environment. Add a few drops of aroma oil to the water and it works as an air freshener. The adjustable speed allows you to set to an ideal speed and sound that is best suited for your mood. Economical to use with ordinary tap water. Unit is safe and reliable and easy to clean. Covers approximately a 600 square foot room. Unit measures 6.5" in diameter and 8" high.

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