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    Overview   Coway AP1012GH air purifier is equipped with smart technology to provide efficient indoor air quality control. Vital Ion boosts cleaning power and freshen the air by negative ions while True HEPA equipped with automatic speed control is used to reduce fine indoor and germs suspended in the air. Featuring elegant & visually appealing design while providing powerful air purification through simple user interface, Coway air purifiers are sure to change the way you breathe the air.   Filtration Process  Coway HEPA filter is optimized to remove indoor pollutants fast and effectively.     How It Works     Features:     Advanced True HEPA   4 stage filtration system   Automatic speed control by SPS™ (Smart Particle Sensor)   Boost cleaning power by Vital Ion™   Intuitive air quality indicator   Air flow control and timer   Filter change indicator   Specifications:     Filter: Pre filter + Oder Filter + HEPA filter (99.97%) + Ionizer   Filter life: Odor (1 year), Hepa (3 years)   CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 165 (Smoke)   Room size: 256 ft2   Air flow control: 4 stages (Auto / 1 / 2 / 3)   Air timer: 1/ 4 / 8 hr   Dimensions: 13.6" L x 8.5" W x 25.4" H   Net weight: 16.8 lb    Model: AP1012GH     Product Features     3 Year True HEPA Long-lasting HEPA filter with efficiency rating of 99.97% fights dust, smoke, pollen, mold & pet dander       3 Stage Air Flow Control Flow Levels: Level 1, Level 2 & Level  3     Sleep Timer  Allows you to control the operation of air purifier before automatically powering off     Air Quality Indicator  Indicates the indoor air pollution level measured by the dust sensor in real time   (Blue ▶ Dark Purple ▶ Red)       Energy Star Rated For efficient energy use & save $ on eletricity       AHAM Certified Tested and approved by Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers     Recommended Uses     Allergy / Asthma Sufferer       Home Air Quality Control       Secondhand Smoke         4 Stage Filtration Pre Filter + Carbon Filter + True HEPA filter + Ionizer     Filter Change Indicator  Orange light indicates when to change filters Always stay fresh by changing filters on time       Vital Ion Boosts cleaning power and freshen the air by negative ions       Auto Mode Fan speed is adjusted automatically according to the pollution level       Quiet Operation High-efficiency air cleaning with quiet operation       B.A.F Approved Tested and approved by British Allergy Foundation       Pet Owners Filter out the presence of pet odor & dander       At Work Buildings built before 1980’s may have lead-based paint, which can cause the dizziness & possible contamination       Living Room Capacity to cover an average living room, family room or media room up to 256 square feet         
           Coway's smart air purifier-vital ion boosts cleaning power and freshens the air with negative ions while a true hepa filter (99.97-percent) equipped with a smart particle sensor automatically senses the pollution level and captures dust, allergens, smoke, pet dander and pollen.

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