• Airex Balance (Individual) - Balance Beam

    Magister Corporation

  • $45.13

  • Description

    The trapezoid design of this foam balance beam makes it the ideal equipment for improving your static and dynamic stability, as well as your sense of body position. As you walk, step or lunge across the Airex beam, you?ll be strengthening muscles in your core, legs and feet. As you step on it, the foam compresses. The instability engages your muscles, resulting in an improvement in balance and coordination. Beginners should use with narrow side up; experienced users should use with the narrow side down to create more ?wobble effect.? Durable and easy-to-clean, the foam balance beam was specially designed to provide the ideal combination of support and pliability. Place multiple balance pads on top of each other, or combine with an Airex Balance Pad , to increase the challenge of your workout.

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