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    Our 2 Liter Alkaline Water Pitcher gives the user all the benefits of Alkaline Water in about 10 minutes.  It acts as an Alkaline Water Ionizer for your tap water turning it into Mineral Rich Health Promoting Water which is Alkaline in pH and also has antioxidant properties.  Our Alkaline Water Pitcher is now the most cost effective way for people to enjoy the benefits of drinking filtered alkaline antioxident water.
    Alkaline Water Pitcher acts as a alkaline water treatment system. It uses a new generation of special natural ceramics that affects the water as it flow through it.
    Pitcher can be easily re-filled through an opening in the top.  No need to take the top off.  Pitcher allows for a capacity of 2 liters of alkaline antioxidant water, suitable to sit in most refrigerator doors. The water filter increases the quality of water to be used for tea, coffee, cooking and drinking water. You can even make your own bottled alkaline water and take it with you, to enjoy alkaline water in your daily tasks.
      Filter contains: Tourmaline  balls to raise pH, Chlorine reduction balls, Negative Potential balls for negative ORP, Maifan Stone balls to re-mineralize the water by adding iron, zinc, calcium, and other beneficial, and Far InFrared balls to energize the water.
    Makes approx: 150 liters of filtered water!

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